Various drop off sites in Staten Island

As of 11/8, none of these sites are accepting clothing, but they do need everything else.

UAME (49 Tompkins Street)

Double Dee’s Chariot (950 Bloomingdale Road)

South Richmond High School (6581 Hylan Blvd)

Duffy’s Tavern (650 Forest Avenue)

Applebee’s Shopping Center (Hylan Blvd & New Dorp Lane)

Atlas Foundation (543 Cary Avenue)

SI Chamber of Commerce (130 Bay Street)

Gateway Cathedral (200 Boscombe Ave)

La Rocca Restaurant (489 Midland Avenue)

SI Vet Group (3875 Victory Blvd)

Richmond Valley Pet Hospital (4915 Arthur Kill Rd)

Ohel Abraham (136 Amador Street)

Arena Restaurant (4916 Arthur Kill Rd)

Drunken Monkey (205 Forest Avenue)

Rick’s Café (695 Bay Street)

Worship & Praise Church (11 Olympia Blvd)

International Christian Center (1501 Richmond Avenue)

Pier 76, St George (76 Bay Street, 718-447-7437)

Kindernook Day Care (3502 Richmond Avenue)

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