Jersey City Sandy Recovery

Jersey City Sandy Recovery (c/o Barrow Mansion, 83 Wayne Street, Jersey City, NJ  07302) currently needs blankets, flashlights, batteries, candles, non-perishable food, fresh food (sliced bread, apples, bananas), toiletries, cleaning supplies, diapers, winter clothing and blankets.

201-589-1716 or

Food distribution will be available at the following locations all week:

Country Village College Little League Field (38 sycamore road, Jersey City, NJ), 1PM & 6PM
The Hub, 360 MLK Drive, 1PM & 6PM
Curries Woods Community Center, 63-65 Ruby Terrace, 1 PM & 6PM
Dr Ercel Web Pool, 303 Van Horne Street 1 PM & 6PM
Boys & Girls Club, Grove/Grand, 1PM & 6PM
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 440 Hoboken Avenue, 5PM

Food & Water will be distributed at:

Sip Avenue & West Side Avenue @ 1PM
Marion Gardens (57 Dales Avenue) Community Room @ 1PM


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